What should I expect?

Night in Bethlehem is a Christmas experience unlike any other. As a participant, you come dressed in time-period costumes, and enter a tent which re-creates what the city of Bethlehem might have been like. You will have the opportunity to "pay" your taxes, interact with merchants, and sample simple foods. You will hear what the people of Bethlehem might have been saying that special night so long ago. You will see the inn, and watch the sweet young couple, desperate for accommodations, be turned away. You will share the innkeeper's concern, as he directs Joseph and Mary to a nearby stable, where they may find shelter, warmth, and privacy. You will see the shepherds, and experience the joy they did, as everyone witnesses the appearance of a heavenly messenger, bearing the wonderful news that Christ the Savior is born. Lastly, you will see Mary and Joseph and the newborn babe in the stable, witness the gifts of the wise men, and feel the true reason for Christmas, in a way you never have before.

Should I dress up?

Yes, please do. A costume, however simple, will enhance your experience in Bethlehem, and help it feel real. Click here for costume helps. Easy costumes can be fashioned out of things you already have, like towels, robes, fabric scraps, and the like. Even if you only wrap a large scarf around your head, come with some sort of costume!

How long does it last?

Each production of Night in Bethlehem lasts about 60 - 70 minutes.

What is the admission price?

Night in Bethlehem is FREE and everyone is welcome. The foods offered in the marketplace are also free.

Who puts on Night in Bethlehem?

Bethlehem is put on by a small group of friends and family who want to share their love of Jesus Christ. It is staged in a Provo Downtown Neighborhood.

Why is Night in Bethlehem put on?

We recreate that special night, as a living witness that we believe that Jesus Christ came to earth for the souls of man, that it did in fact happen. Recreating Bethlehem is the way we have chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and we want others to join in that celebration. In this season of giving, this is our gift to you. Those who participate are sharing their testimony with you. We have found that celebrating in this way is magical, and touches on the very essence of Christmas.

Is there an age limit?

No. All ages are welcome. Please speak with children before attending about what they will experience, and when reverence would be appropriate.

How do I reserve tickets?

All performances are first come, first served basis. No reservations needed.

Can I donate?

Yes, donations are gratefully accepted. Please use the contact link if you wish to make a donation.

What should I bring?

Bring (wear) a costume of some sort, to help you "get into" the experience. Bring a small handful of pennies or other "money" (tokens, coins, clay coins, etc), to use to "pay" your taxes and "buy" foods. Bring a camera if you like. Bring your friends and neighbors who would like to learn more about Christ and the Christmas story.